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It is hard to believe that today ends round 3.  I have not been able to accomplish today's dare yet.  Words just don't come.  I can sit down and write lengthy letters to my DH, but when I think about writing a vow, the words just aren't there.  I think I must have an emotional wall there.  I am not afraid of making or keeping a vow.  Goodness knows that's what this stand for my marriage is based on.  But I think perhaps I am afraid of letting myself think the words and feel the feelings.  There is just definitely an emotional barrier there.  

My DH and I had a nice day today.  We spent a quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving day at home for the most part.  We ate leftovers, read through all the Black Friday ads, and watched 2 movies!  I even got a couple of hours of shopping in.  On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the time spent with him.  But I am even more thankful for the time spent with my Heavenly Father over the last couple of months. I have contemplated not doing another round, but I feel that God still has much to teach me through this journey.  So I will begin again tomorrow....
  • I was thinking the same thing, how it doesn't seem possible you have completed 3 rounds already.  I admire you doing a 4th round.  I am so glad to see how you and everyone finds growth in doing the dares.  You all remind me of how slow of a learner I am.  LOL.  

    Thank God for the nice day you had.  And thank God even more so that you choose to put your thankfulness more so to God, than the good days in a trial like this.

    How can a husband refuse to acknowledge a Godly wife?  Surely he does or some day will regret his behavior of late.  

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