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R3D39 A letter of thanks

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For today's dare, I combined 2 subject matters into one letter since we were celebrating Thanksgiving with DH's family this evening.  In addition to my love, I expressed my thankfulness for our marriage and for him.  He has mentioned several times recently about how much I do for him.  I told him that the truth is, he does just as much for me.  I outlined all the things that he does for me that I appreciate. I felt it was appropriate given the holiday, and I closed the letter by expressing my love for him.  I know he must have read it because it's not where I left it anymore, but he never acknowledged receiving it.  

I think that dinner was a success.  My DH's brother and sister-in-law, and his 2 children and their families came over, as well as my DH's daughter and her children, and my dad and wife.  It was 14 people!  I know that his brother and family enjoyed eating here much better than going out to a restaurant.  The kids were able to run around and play, and everybody was able to visit.  My DH and his daughter didn't seem to be themselves this evening.  It was probably awkward for DH to interact with my dad.  But my dad showed such Christ-like love to DH tonight.  I am thankful that I was able to provide an opportunity for DH's side of the family to celebrate the holiday.  I am thankful that God gave me the strength and the grace to prepare and serve the food in the midst of such awful circumstances.  And I praise my Father above for the fact that I am still my husband's wife.
  • Wow, so much to be thankful for. How grace was around you tonight as you were hostess to all of your guests. Writing your husband a letter is very loving and kind. Now, those words are in his heart and mind. What a wonderful place to hold his mind and heart. I am so excited that you were so blessed. Your post has filled me with hope. God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving.

  • Thank God for the changes in you through prayer, reading, the LD, etc.  Because without these things this day probably would not have happened.

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