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R3D38 A Peaceful Day

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It’s really hard to know what my DH‘s desires are. Right now, he’s all over the place. I think that he would like to retire in two years.  As a matter of fact, I think this may be one reason that he wants a divorce. I’m nine years younger than him. I think sometimes he feels like he can’t retire because I’ll be left with no health insurance. I am self-employed, and am on his health insurance through his job.  I will be able to get health insurance another way, I’m not worried about that. I also know that he would like to travel to the West Coast someday.  We have a savings account in it which has just about enough now to take a really nice trip out that way. Today’s dare is really hard to think about, because right now, the only desire that I see him having includes a divorce.

Tonight, he helped me work in the kitchen preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. He seem to be in a wonderful mood, and even suggested intimacy afterwards.  The back and forth makes me feel crazy sometimes.  I was reading what God‘s word has to say about peace this morning. I had a note written by one of the verses in my bible that peace is not the absence of conflict or trouble. It is experiencing God‘s goodness in every circumstance. I sat down and made a long list of the goodness that I am experiencing in this circumstance. I was amazed and thankful for my list, and able to realize God’s peace.  I thank and praise God that I am still married, and still living in our home.
  • Love believes the best. don't look at the things you mentioned as reasons he would  want a d.

    When I read all the journals, it amazes me our spouses can be so blind, stubborn, prideful, and allowing evil and the world to fool them.  

    It's good you find  comfort in His word.

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