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R3D29 Thankful for a flood

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I feel like a failure tonight.  I couldn't do all of today's dare.  I couldn't say "I love you" to DH.  It was easy to pray for him, and to do something tangible to express my love, but the words just wouldn't come, and it's making me cry as I type this out.  I have prayed a lot about my motivation for wanting the marriage to reconcile.  There are many motivations that I have recognized as selfish and fleshly, and there are motivations that are Godly and loving.  I have prayed that God would help me to remove those selfish motivations.  I have prayed that God would create in me a clean heart with pure motivations.  

While I was teaching Sunday School class this morning, my DH sent me a text to call him as soon as possible.  I called inbetween class and worship service.  Well, I never made it to worship service.  We must have a drainage problem underneath the house, and when the washing machine drained this morning, it came up through the toilet in the hall bathroom, flooding the bathroom and the hallway.  It also overflowed where the hose is behind the washing machine and flooded the laundry room.  What a mess!  We spent most of the day dealing with that.  It's still not fixed.  We tried everything we could ourselves - going to have to call a plumber tomorrow.  I am thankful that we could work together on the issue.  Thanks be to God for the opportunity.  Who would have ever thought I would be thankful for a flood???!!! 
  • It sure is crazy how we can be so thankful for these type of things to occur.  It just shows how God can use everything for the good of those that love Him.

    You held yourself accountable for  not doing the dare, so I wont say anything about that.  But now that  you have held yourself accountable, let it go and do not dwell on it.  

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