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I really wasn't sure what great need to try and meet for DH today.  He is always tired and hungry when he and his brother get back into town from a night or two away at the cabin.  So, I decided to meet those needs.  They usually get back home around 10pm, and DH usually will eat a bowl of cereal when he gets in.  I went to the store and bought milk and cereal.  I folded his laundry and tidied up the house so that everything would be in order when he got home tonight.  When he arrived home, he unpacked a couple of things that went back into the kitchen.  He looked over at the coffee pot and saw that his coffee was already in the coffeemaker and ready to be turned on tomorrow morning.  That seemed to delight him (which I thought a little odd, because I do that every single day).  He made a comment about it, and turned and lightly touched me on the shoulder and said thanks.  I really enjoyed helping him get ready for his hunting trip.  I really enjoyed preparing for his arrival home, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together watching some TV after he got home.  Thank you, God for this time.  And as much as I have enjoyed this time with my DH, I enjoy more the time that I spend with my Heavenly Father and look forward to my heavenly home with him.

  • What you said, that's just it.  Enjoy more the time with Him and having eternal life with Him.  so, keeping our eyes on eternity with Him, what's a few trials in this life?  Just opportunity to show God we love and trust Him more than our petty little trials in this life.  

  • With him noticing the coffee was already ready, and showing a little surprise.  I am sure that's him giving away he realizes he does not deserve your kindness and is a little surprised you aren't following the world's ways and not preparing the coffee.  

    These things may please him, but doing the kind things for Christ like you are is opening the door a little more for God to work in him and also giving more opportunity for Christ's conviction to be placed on him.  But, as you do, do these things for Christ by showing kindness to your husband.  

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