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R3D19 It's all impossible without God

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The more I work through the dares, the more I realize my deep need for God to change my heart and to give me the ability to love.  God is using this journey to teach me, mold me, and sanctify me.  Difficult?  Yes.  Worth it??  An even bigger yes.

I have been reading through Psalm 37 over and over again lately.  It is full of such rich truth.  I believe that God used that truth in my heart to speak truth to my DH today.  Several months ago, when I asked him why he ever married me in the first place, he said that he thought it would make him happy.  So, he was unhappy back then, and looking for happiness.  Nothing has changed.  He is unhappy today and wants to be free to search for happiness.  True happiness will never be found with a change of people, places, or things.  At the end of King Solomon's life, he knew this all too well.  True happiness will never be found by a change of circumstances.  You may find temporary happiness by changing your circumstances, but by changing your circumstances, you are only dragging your unhappiness into a new set of circumstances.  As soon as circumstances change, as they inevitably do, unhappiness creeps back in and you have to go looking for happiness again.  It's a vicious cycle that leaves people worn out and unfulfilled.  It seems to me this happened in my marriage.  DH struggled with unhappiness long before I came into the picture.  When I came into the picture and we got married, it provided him a temporary happiness.  But eventually, the honeymoon was over and the circumstances changed, and he was left with his unhappiness. And thus the cycle has come full circle and he feels the need to go out searching for happiness again.  I put all of this in a letter to DH today, and told him that it would be unloving of me if I didn't point him to the true source of happiness - happiness that you never have to search for again once you find it.  Psalm 37:4 says to seek your happiness in the Lord.  God designed us to find happiness in him, not in friends, families, jobs, money or even marriages.  I told DH that I was praying that he would find the true happiness his heart was longing for, not the temporary happiness that people, places, and things could offer.  I also told him that I was praying that God would give him the courage to step out of that cycle and trust Him with his search for happiness.  He didn't ever mention reading the letter, but I know he did.  I could tell when I got home from work that he is struggling with conviction.  It is all over his face this evening.  He did not call the attorney back today to move anything forward after their appointment yesterday.  Praise God for protecting my marriage for another day.  Praise God for the happiness found in him.  Praise God for the truth of His word.   I am thankful for this community standing for our marriages and encouraging each other.
  • If you weren't in round one or two I would say you did more than a dare a day.  But now I will say, and I am not thinking you did  this to get him to change.  But you did this to share  testimony.  For him, not  for you.  

    How neat is  that, to see evidence of God working in him, via it being written all over his face.  He read the letter.  pray he understands why he is being  convicted, and how  to respond by being in God's will.  

    Did you know he didn't call  the attorney because you checked phone records?  If so, stop snooping.  Even if you see he called, the flesh would assume the  worse, when it really was he was calling to tell the lawyer to stop the process.  You do not need to respond to if you were snooping.  I am not  assuming you were.  

  • I t sure is amazing when a verse or chapter hits us the way the psalm hit you.  

  • a of truth in happiness there in what you said.

  • Psalm 37 has been a huge source of strength for me as well on this walk.

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