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Wondering about tomorrow's dare

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Wondering about tomorrow's dare.  Tomorrow's dare is to greet your spouse with a specific greeting, with a smile and enthusiasm.  I am not sure what to do different here.  When I get home from work everyday, my DH is already home, and sitting in his recliner with the dog in his lap.  I always smile and say hi.  I am just not sure what else to do.  I can't walk over and give him a hug or a kiss or probably even a touch.  Our relationship just isn't on that level right now.  That would be too much in his space.  I always make it a point to smile whenever he walks into the room, and I say "Bye Honey" every morning as he leaves for work.  So am I already doing this dare?  What can I do any different?

  • I really hesitate giving ideas of how to do a dare.  Because it may take away the urge to pray on the dare throughout the day.  

    could you walk by him and just graze his shoulder with your hand as you greet him?  I know you said you probably can't even touch.  But, a light touch may be upping your greeting for the dare and this may be a form of trusting Christ and doing the dare out of your comfort.

    Or maybe give him a knuckle  bump or whatever it is called.  Like I think people do with Howie Mandel since he doesn't like to shake hands.  

    Can you put a little more enthusiasm in your greeting?  

  • With a smile if you aren't a person that naturally smiles.  Or even be al silly and sing Hello or whatever greeting you choose to use?

    In prayer, I bet you will find your answer.

  • Thanks for reminding me to be in prayer about it.

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