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This morning while on my way to church, my daddy sent me a text asking if DH and I would like to join him for lunch after church.  I sent DH a text letting him know, and asked what his plans were.  He said that the grandkids were on their way over, and that I should go with my daddy, and that he and the grandkids might go.  When I got home from church, he and the two grandkids were ready to go.  We had a nice lunch all together, and when it was time to pay, my DH paid for everyone, even my daddy and his wife.  After lunch, we all went our separate ways.  I sent DH a text saying that it was thoughtful for him to pay for daddy and his wife's lunch, and that he was a good man.  Of course, I got no response, but that was ok.  My daddy knows what is going on, and he and his wife treated DH just like normal.  After we left, my daddy called to tell me that he thought DH seemed better than he has ever seemed, and that he thought the antidepressant had made a difference in his demeanor.  Like I said last night, I am so confused as to how this man could tell me he wants a divorce and turn around and act the way he does.  I asked God this afternoon to continue to fill me with his patience and peace as I simply remain still and know that He is God.

In terms of today's dare, I was to tell DH how glad I am about a recent success.  He recently leased a commercial property, and asked for my help today in typing a letter to the insurance company about the new tenant.  As I was helping him with the letter, I told him how happy I was for him that he got the building leased and that the tenant had complied with all the code requirements for the insurance.  Dare completed.
  • Don't dwell on the how's and why's of him asking for a d and how he is behaving now.  Sometimes there just isn't an explanation that comes forth.  And we just have to tuck the thoughts into a Who Knows file.  

    Keep giving him time and space and patience.  As God is working in the both of you.

    Thank God your dad and wife are treating him well even after knowing the circumstances.  Because often our families truly want the best for us and don't want to see us hurt and encourage us to leave our spouse because they don't deserve our love and we don[t deserve the hurt.  

  • I once heard that satan wants to tie us up trying to figure things out. He gets us distracted and we miss what God is doing or asking us to do. God knows why and that's all that truly matters. My parents also are not mad at my spouse and I know that is a huge blessing. So very glad that you have that!

  • As I read the responses to this journal post, it dawned on me that trying to figure things out is to place my trust in self rather than God.  God has it figured out and that is more than enough.  

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