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R3D6 Love is not irritable

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I chose during the first round to react to tough circumstances in my marriage in loving ways rather than with irritation.  From that point forward until today, I can see alot of progress.  I hope that my DH can see that progress.  I honestly cannot think of areas where I need to add margin to my life.  That has been difficult for me to see since the first round.  But wrong motivations that I need to release from my life - now that's another story.  Looking back, pride had been an underlying motivator throughout much of our marriage, and even into these dares.  It affected how I interacted with DH on many different levels.  I have begun a fervent battle to destroy this pride, and through the work of God I pray that my heart will become a humble one.

I am thankful that God provided protection for my marriage today.  He is waging war against the armies of Satan on my behalf.
  • Your husband may not acknowledge your changes or he may even point out something and say, see, you haven't changed.  But, he knows you have changed.  He may be thinking the worse, and wondering if the changes are real or permanent, so keep consistent, leading your emotions vs your emotions leading you.

    Evil uses pride in so many ways.  So, with you wanting to take down pride, be in prayer because evil may attack knowing you are desiring to take away one of its key weapons.

    I am positive you won't do this.  But be aware as we see how the dares have changed us, to be cautious we aren't prideful of these changes.  Again, no thought has come to mind to me that you would ever be prideful of your growth in Christ.  

  • I am actually humbled  that God would choose such a broken vessel to create change in.  

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