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I did not leave DH a note declaring my ever-faithful love to him today.  We had a long conversation at dinner tonight, and I figured a note on top of that this evening might have been too much.  I have a card already written out - perhaps I will leave it tomorrow.  Tonight at dinner, things were pretty quiet, as is the norm these days.  We pretty much eat in silence.  Tonight, however, I asked DH if he thought they were done painting at one of his rental units.  He laughed, said the guy tried to call him tonight, and then talked the ENTIRE rest of the meal about what was going on there.  I really worked hard at listening intently, asking questions so that I could show my interest and desire to understand, and even put my fork down and stopped eating several times in order to listen.  He said that the tenant had a problem with the breaker box, and that he had called an electrician who said it would cost $450 to fix it.  My DH told the tenant that he would cover it.  Well, that electrician never showed up to do the work, so the tenant called another one.  Turns out, the second electrician did the work for $200, plus did some additional work for another $600.  The additional work was necessary for a piece of equipment the tenant is moving in, and not really my DH's responsibility.  However, my DH told his tenant that since he had been honest and told him that the second electrician only charged $200, and since he had been prepared to pay $450, he was still going to give the tenant the $450.  I told DH that was really nice of him.  Later in the evening, I told him that what he was doing for his tenant was really awesome, and that not many people would be so kind.  

It was so wonderful to hear DH open up and talk like that.  I praise and thank God for protecting my marriage another day.  My mother's birthday is coming up two weeks from today.  She passed away from cancer 6 years ago, but I always think about her even more as her birthday approaches.  Those last few months and weeks and days that I had with her were very precious to me as we knew our time together was short.  It dawned on me while walking the dog that I feel the same way about my time with DH.  Every day that I have with him is precious.  I have no idea how "short" our time together may be.  It may be a month or 20 years.  But however "short" it is, the time is precious, and I praise and thank God for that time.
  • You let your emotions lead you.  You felt it would be too much to leave a note after having a conversation.  When you have a fear in the dares, that is when you really need to do the dare and gain more growth.  

    The note, God could have used to further work on him, to bring in view your love for him, and it may have complemented the conversation.  Or, if it brought out what you worried about, being to much, then God could have used the anger that may have built up in him to bring furhter conviction.  

    Trust in doing the dares as they are intended to be done.

  • Thank God.  My guess is before the dares you would not have shown as much kindness in what your husband did for the tenant.  Because most of us do not look for ways tho show kindness and appreciation like we should.  

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