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I have no idea what my DH desires right now other than a divorce (and I am not sure he even wants that).  How can I possibly know what he wants if he doesn’t know himself.  I pray that God will open my eyes to see and understand my spouse’s desires and dreams.  I want to help him realize those, whatever they might be.

Still no more talk of or progress towards a divorce since telling me on Monday night that it’s time.  I am in a holding pattern just like I have been for the past 4 months.  I realized as I was walking the dog tonight that God is answering my prayer to protect my marriage one day at a time.  I thank Him and praise Him for protecting my marriage today, and ask that He will do the same tomorrow.  One day at a time.
  • Continue to thank God for each and every day that He has given you with your DH.  I still thank God all the time, not because I am divorced, but because through this divorce my wife has finally started talking to me.  She doesn't show any signs of reconciling but that never stops me from praying for that Damascus road experience for her.  I am praying for that for you as well.

  • Do you know  what his dreams or desires were before the last four months?  

    If he brings up the d again, remember that very moment he most likely still has no idea what he really wants or isn't ready to admit  even to himself he has made the wrong decision. keep being consistent, always showing your testimony, shining Christ's light.  he needs to continue to see that.

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