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My DH is not at a point that we can read the Bible together, but I am in the word every morning before work during the workweek, and on Sundays before church.  I will have to admit, on Saturdays, every once in a while I will sleep in and I may or may not spend the same amount of time.  God's word has sustained me on this journey thus far.  God has been my source of joy, peace, comfort, hope, love and friendship, as revealed in his word and made alive through his spirit.  God has drawn me deeper into his word through this season, and for that I will forever be grateful.  My DH has a Bible that he has not picked up the entire time that we have been married.  Today, God laid on my heart to buy him a new Bible, one that is in one of the more modern translations that is easier to read.  Then I think that I will make a list of all the verses that I am clinging to while on this journey, I might even underline them in the Bible as a way of sharing with him.  I will have to research some of the more modern translations.

No more talk of divorce today.  I really don't think he knows what he wants.  He was cordial today, even asked if I needed anything from Walmart before he made a run to the store.  Cordial, and for that I am grateful to God.  I will love that man to the end, whenever and whatever that may be.
  • Praise God for cordial.  I would definitely pray about underlining passages in this Bible if you get it for him.  It may seem as a way that you think he should be acting and he will view this in a condemning manner, which wouldn't be good for either of you (personal experience).  My ex-wife thought I was trying to manipulate her by sharing these verses with her as she felt I was reminding her of the woman God intended her to be.

    Just a quick question as I have been out of the site for a while, what does DH mean?  I just want to know so I understand the context better.

  • DH, dear husband.  

    As Sunny mentioned, I would not  underline the verses.  I would even reconsider buying him a bible.  He will probably take that as you saying, Hey buddy, you need Jesus, cause you aren't acting very Christian.    

    enjoy that display of cordiality and then let God know you enjoy him so much more.  

    You are right, he doesn't know what he wants.  His thoughts are all over the place.  But as you believe the best and have Christ centered in your life the best you can, He is thinking with the flesh and is allowing his emotions to lead him.

    As far as loving that man to the end.  There probably will be a time you have to remember to lead your heart, because loving him may become difficult.  Maybe that won't  happen, but just in case....

  • Sunny and Tim, thank you for sharing your perspectives on the Bible.  Both comments make a great deal of sense.  

  • Sunny and Tim, thank you for sharing your perspectives on the Bible.  Both comments make a great deal of sense.  

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