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Today's dare was to find a specific, recent example when my spouse demonstrated Christian character in a noticeable way, and commend him for it.  Well, I didn't do too good with this one.  I couldn't think of a recent example.  Is it that there hasn't been one, or that my eyes are blind to it?  I did thank him for carrying in the heavy case of bottled water from my car this afternoon.  Now that I think about it as I am writing this, that was a kind and helpful thing for him to do.  I wish that I would have thought about it at the time and not only told him thank you but also told him that it was kind and helpful. 

I was able to help DH finish his part of the taxes today.  He has some rental properties, and he isn't always very exact with his numbers.  I am a "down to the penny" kind of person.  In the past, I have nagged/belittled  DH for the way he handles his part of the taxes.  Today, I let him take care of his own business and I kept my mouth shut.  At church this morning, our sermon was from 1 Thessalonians 4.  Verse 10 says "we beg you to love them more and more".  This is what God wants from me, especially in my marriage.  Verse 12 says "in this way you will win the respect of those who are not believers".  I pray that God will use my life to draw others to Him, especially my DH.  I am so thankful for this love dare journey and I thank God for the gentleman that introduced me to it.  It was a divine appointment. 

  • You like to be exact, he is okay with things being somewhere in the  ball park.  Probably not just in taxes, but in other areas of life too.  

    But what causes more stress in you?  Making sure things go your way or letting go and saying good enough for me and I will compromise and let him win, all the while showing unity?  

    For me, a messy house gets me stressed if I let it.  But, really, does it matter in the long run if I have  to zig zag through the family room full of laundry baskets that have  socks and towels that need folded and put away?  Or should I be content that she is doing laundry and still home?  

    Hope this  makes sense.

  • Oh wow that makes slot of sense!  Great comment that I needed to hear!

  • I am also an "exact penny" type person. Most of my stress comes from the need to get task completed. I feel that I have very little time to sit and enjoy time with my husband and our kids. My husband is the exact opposite. He has no problem sitting down and relaxing and doesn't stress if the clothes sit in a basket.

    Him taking the water out of your car is an act of service and that's great! Little steps are always better than no steps at all!

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