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R2D33 Working together but worlds apart

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"The effectiveness of your marriage is dependent upon both of you working together." I always thought we worked together pretty well until this journey.  Looking back, my own pride got in the way of us working together.  And now it's hard to work together on much because even though we are living under the same roof, we are worlds apart.  We filed an extension this year on our income taxes because I was having a pretty major surgery that week.  My DH has drug his feet and taxes are due in a week, and he still hasn't done his part.  I offered to help him this weekend.  Perhaps that is a way that we can work together.  Even though I want him to be part, it's hard to tell him that I want him to be a part of my future decisions, because it assumes we will be together in the future.  However, love believes the best which I guess means assuming we will be together in the future.  

  • It's good you are seeing pride in the past and are willing to drop pride.   Pride, what we think is strength in a selfish way is really our downfall.  Glad you recognize the evil's of pride.

  • Love always trust and never gives up. Praying for you guys!

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