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R2D31 Leaving Singleness

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Leaving and cleaving.  Since both DH and myself have grown children of our own, and only one of our parents is still living, leaving our parents has not been an issue in our marriage.  But leaving our singleness has been.  Both of us were divorced and single for about 20 years before remarrying.  I think that our intentions were to leave singleness behind, but in reality, it was easier said than done.  My husband still thinks of things in terms of "mine" and "hers".  But honestly, so do I.  I think that it has even been exaggerated lately since we are sleeping in separate bedrooms and spending time at the house in different rooms.  I pray that God will work within both our hearts and open our eyes to the oneness that he desires for our marriage.  

I scored a small success in the control department tonight.  DH came into the kitchen this evening and asked what bowl I wanted him to use as he was getting something to eat.  I just smiled at him and said "whatever one you choose".  He repeated the question, and I repeated the answer.  I felt good about that.  In the past, I would have told him exactly which one to use!  
  • That was a great way to  do  the dare.  I have not had a problem leaving my parents, nor her.  So, I think just chalked it up to a dare already done and didn't take  it a step further as you did.  

    And now, maybe  he will think positively of  the  new you each time he reaches for a bowl.  He's gotta be scratching his head and thinking, is  this the real her?  And kind of nervous but hopeful it is.

    Keep being consistent in what  you have learned through the dares.  he still needs to see that.  And continue to be on guard from evil striking as it sees you growing in Christ and the possibility of your  husband letting his  wall down.  Just as I was reminded, and thank goodness, because I had  forgot.

    It  is amazing how we can repeat the same words to others, but when it is  time to listen to the  very words we share, we, or at least I, can easily forget.  Evil is  pretty good at what  it does.  But our God is so much stronger.

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