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R2D30 Cake mixes and crickets!

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This morning before I left for work, I ran by the store to pick up a couple of cake mixes (see last night's journal for the reason why and the significance of the cake mixes).  I left them on the kitchen table along with DH's old hand mixer, and a note that said "Last night, when you asked me what bowl you should use for your beans and cornbread, I gave you the wrong answer.  I should have told you that you should use whatever bowl you choose.  These cake mixes and mixer represent my desire for you to have personal choice and preference in our marriage.  I want you to feel free to bake as many cakes as you choose, whenever, however, and for whomever you want.   Period.  I want you to feel free to be you.  Whether it's baking cakes, or just choosing a bowl."  When I got home from work, my DH had already been home and read the note, and everything was still sitting on the table.  He was going to be gone for a while, so I put everything away and started dinner.  He never mentioned a word about it when he got home - crickets!!!  But I know that my unrealistic expectations and controlling behavior have been a source of division between us and I feel that I communicated today my desire for unity and a different role in our relationship.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that God gives me to love this man, and for continuing to teach me hard lessons.

  • Those hard lessons, when we choose to use them to grow closer to Christ, bring joy.  

  • Determined,  This is inspiring to me as I have had and still do have control issues.  Continue to self reflect and make choices out of love and expect nothing in return as you have shown in your writing.  Thank you for your journels as they are very helpful to me and many others.  D-

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