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R2D26 Responsibility

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Responsibility.  There's a question in the book that reads "Can your spouse say that you have wronged or wounded them in any way and never made it right?"  The answer to this question at this point in Round 1 was an absolute "yes".  God revealed to me in Round 1 that my pride and arrogance had deeply wounded my DH.  It was difficult to admit this and ask for his forgiveness, but God provided what I needed to be obedient.  As I consider this dare in Round 2, the answer to this question seems to be a "no" to me.  I have tried my best, with God's guidance, to take responsibility for my failures in our marriage, to define those failures, and to ask God and DH for forgiveness.  I feel a sense of peace now when I consider this question.  God through His word and Holy Spirit has given me a keener awareness of how my words and actions affect DH, and I pray that the Spirit will lead me to ask for forgiveness when I have wounded him.  And I need to take responsibility immediately, so I pray that God will give me a quick awareness.  I think one of the major ways that my behavior contributed to this trouble in my marriage is that I wasn't aware of the wounds I was causing, and thus didn't take responsibility until way too late.  Thank you, God, for open eyes.  

A note about the candy box from last night.  Tonight, I asked DH if he would like to split the box of Raisinettes with me.  He said sure.  I poured some out on a paper plate, and as I was handing him the plate, he said that I didn't have to share any of them with him.  I told him that I couldn't eat the whole box, and wanted him to have them.  So, I am thinking that he really did buy the candy for me.  I went into the back room and ate my candy while working on my Sunday School lesson.  When I was done, I sent him a text that just said thank you for the candy.  He replied OK.  That was huge.  That might be the first acknowledgement of a thank you since this whole mess started.  I am praising God tonight for the little things - candy and text replies.  I so badly want to pull his car up alongside mine - as Sean and Tim have referred to - I pray that God will continue to give me strength for patience and wisdom for obedience.

  • Being thankful for the little things and enjoying them....and remembering to praise and thank God for them.  It reminds me of Jesus healing people.  Some would go off and never say thank you.  and  a small percentage, If my memory serves me right, ever came back and told him thank you for what He did.

    It is good you are in the small percentage of people who thank Him.  And it's good that  you see how past behavior affected the marriage and better yet, you have made corrections to resolve these things.

  • I love that  reminder about the people not thanking Jesus after he had done so much for them.   You are right, very few of them ever did.

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