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R2D25 Forgiveness and a box of candy

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I really don't think that there is anything that my DH has done that I haven't forgiven.  Other than jump up out of the blue and announce he wants a divorce, I really can't even think of much that I have ever really needed to forgive him for.  Some minor things along the way, but I haven't held on to any of them.  Anyway, my own behavior gives me no right to hold anything against him - I am certainly no saint!  God has opened my eyes to my failures in our relationship, and I have asked DH for his forgiveness.  He says that he has forgiven me.  Sometimes I wonder. 

I think that DH might have done something nice for me tonight.  I am not sure.  We needed some bottled water for our lunches tomorrow, and he volunteered to go to Walmart to pick it up.  He came back with the water and a box of Raisinettes.  They are one of my very favorite candies.  He likes them too, though.  I am not sure if they are for me or him.  He just laid them on the counter along with the water.  He did this once before, back on July 15.  He brought home 2 boxes, and I wasn't sure who they were for.  The next day, I asked if I could have a box, and he said of course, that there were 2 boxes.  So I opened one and shared it with him.  But 8 days later, in a weak moment I asked, and he told me that he still wanted a divorce.  So who knows??  I tend to think they are for me, though.  I hate to thank him for them if he bought them for himself, and hate not to if he bought them for me.  It's a dilemma.  Love believes the best, though, right?!  I guess that means I should just eat them :)  
  • When the flesh or evil remind you of the hurt of him asking for a d choose to realize you already forgave this and if you still dwell on it choose to forgive all over again.

    I'm guessing he bought them for you.   He just feels he can't hand them to you because it will show weakness and letting his wall down.   Maybe show unity and ask him if he'd like to share the box at some point.  Just a thought.  But if you make a big huge deal of his act of kindness he may pull back a bit.  So if you thank him don't be over dramatic.  Not that I think you would.

  • Before this love dare journey, I never really gave much thought to unity, and how it is expressed.  I like the idea that sharing the box is an expression of unity.

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