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R2D21 Love is satisfied in God

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Today's dare says to be intentional about making time to pray and read my Bible.  This is something that I do everyday.  Doing so speaks truth into my life to combat the lies that Satan tries to put into my head.  It also draws me into God's presence where I can find comfort, rest, peace, strength, courage, and joy.  It also equips me to face the challenges and rejection that I face.  Sometimes I wish that I could just spend all day reading, studying, and meditating on God's word, and conversing with Him in prayer.  Unrealistic.  I can, however, steal moments, however short they may be, from my day to pray and meditate in addition to the time that I spend every morning.  Love truly is satisfied in God.

This afternoon, DH went to his bedroom and came back out with a nice shirt on (he had been dressed in a ragged t-shirt).  I asked him where he was going.  He said that he was going to his daughter's house to see her and the grandkids.  I said Oh, OK.  He then asked if I wanted to go with him.  I said sure.  That's the first time that he has asked me to go with him to his daughter's house since all this started.  Two months ago, even one month ago, he wasn't asking me to do anything with him.  In fact, he mostly just ignored me.  But last weekend, he asked if I wanted to ride with him to look at one of his rental properties, and if I wanted to watch a movie with him.  This weekend, he asked if I wanted to go to his daughter's with him.  Perhaps it's a step in the right direction.  We still have very little conversation, mostly silence in the car, silence at dinner.  And when we do talk, it is never about anything personal.  But I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with him, and the opportunity to love him.  I am praying for wisdom as things seem a little better.  Wisdom to discern truth, and wisdom to subject my flesh to God and His will and His timing.
  • Thank God you are getting so much out of reading and praying.  And enjoying it too.  If you ever get to a "dry" period in your prayer life or reading, do not be disturbed.  Just continue the best you can.  Sometimes God hides a little.  This way we can grow our faith in faith alone vs growing our faith in the good feeling or the joy we experience in Him.  But when the dry period is over, the growth we experience is so much more than what we had.  

    It may feel like that personal conversation will never come.  Be patient as you have been.  And it's good during this time you are seeking God for your needs and to fill your voids.  

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