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Love truly is impossible without God.  Oh, I thought that I "loved" DH, but it was my own interpretation of the word, and not God's interpretation as revealed in His word.  The biggest revelation that I have learned on this journey so far is that real love does so with absolutely no expectation of anything in return.  Boy, did I have that wrong.  I used to be more than happy to do things out of "love" for DH, but I sure did expect a bunch of stuff in return.  Even though I didn't think so at the time, it was a selfish love rather than a selfless love (not that I have mastered the art of selflessness, but at least now I am aware).  I have realized the need for God to change my heart, to give me the ability to love without my own selfishness and pride getting in the way.

One comment in the book for dare 19 made me very sad.  It was "That’s why if you’re not right with God, you can’t truly love your spouse because He is the Source of that love."  My husband is a very weak and immature Christian.  Not in the word or in church and I suspect not much of a prayer life either.  I would characterize his life right now as not really right with God.  I take this to mean that my DH can never truly love me.  That's sad to me.  But I know 2 things.  First, God truly loves me.  He is the lover of my soul, my best and eternal friend.  His love is more wonderful than any human love could ever be.  Second, He loves my DH just as much as He loves me and is working to draw DH closer to Him.  
  • As far as your husband not being in church or reading or prayer.  This is one of the reasons your testimony over time is crucial.  He needs to see it.  And as he sees you being at peace all the while you should be the one miserable with how things are, he will of course be frustrated with that and may mock you a bit for being such a goody two shoes Christian.  Maybe he will or maybe he will think it too.  but, over time, I pray he decides he wants what you want.  And that may be when he asks you.  And you can share how Jesus had brought you peace even in the hurt.

  • And as you pointed out.  Christ is the only one that can truly fill all our voids.  Even in a really good marriage, our spouse will disappoint where as God never will.  

  • What is DH?

  • Melissa, DH is dear husband.

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