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I praise God for helping me to come up with ideas for the dares and for giving me the courage to do them.  God is an ever-present help.  As I read over the dare this morning, I just didn't know quite how I would do it this evening.  I cook dinner for my husband every night, and tonight I was going to be getting home later than normal after work due to a physical therapy visit.  So, not a lot of time to do something special in terms of preparation.  So, I began to wonder what I could do to learn more about my DH, and how to draw some information out of him since he is not really sharing anything very personal with me right now.  God provided - a box full of old pictures in a cabinet in the den.  There is a box of old family photos in the den that belongs to my DH and has been there ever since we got married 3 years ago.  God reminded me of it today as I was getting some paper out of that cabinet for our printer - what a great way to learn more about DH.  So, at dinner, I told DH that I came across that box while getting printer paper out, and that I would love to go through that box of pictures with him so that he could tell me what I was looking at.  He said ok.  After dinner, I ran to the store, took the dog for a walk, and took a shower.  After all that was done, I gathered up my courage (no, I tapped into God's strength), and asked if DH wanted to go through the photos with me.  He said "not right now", but didn't have a negative tone - I just think he was getting tired and didn't want to mess with it.  I am excited about going through those photos with him, and learning more about him and his past/family.  I will try to bring it up again over the weekend when we have more free time.  

  • If I remember, and I may be wrong, but this dare I believe mentioned you could take more than a day to complete it if necessary.  If it said this, I admire you trying to do the dare in the same day it landed.  

    He said no.  And I bet you are right, that he was just tired and not really in the mood.  but when you ask again, he knows he already said no and it will be easier for him to say no again.  If  he does, again have  no expectations he will say no or yes, don't let it get to you like it didn't this time. But after the second no, I would suggest not asking about the pictures again for some time.  Much more than that will feel like you are getting needy and in his space.  Even though it is not the case.  

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