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R2D12 Let him win?? Help!

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My husband and I don't have many disagreements at all, especially right now that we aren't really talking about anything substantive.  However, there is one thing that in the past has been a major sticking point with me.  We did wills before we got married, and I didn't know until we were in the attorney's office that DH wanted his house to go to his daughter and that after he dies, his will says that I can only live in the house for 2 years and then it goes to his daughter.  I understand it in a way - he was divorced and then single for over 20 years.  He bought and paid for his house over that time period.  It was always his plan that his daughter have his house.  She can sell it and put her kids through college or pay back student loans, or pay off her own house.  I get it.  But it has always grieved me that I may be in my 70s and homeless!  About a year ago, last fall, I became particularly upset about it, and DH said that he didn't care where we lived, that we could sell his house and buy something together.  But deep down, I feel that's not what he really wants.  I have even wondered if that hasn't played into him wanting a divorce.  I feel God may be leading me to let DH win this one.  Scary for me.  Not only for my future, but just scary even thinking about bringing it up. I have no idea what to say.  Just bringing it up assumes that we are going to stay married, which the last word on the subject from him is that he still wants a divorce.  Praying for God's wisdom.

  • I should  really not reply, nothing solid really comes to mind. For now, you are anxious with doing this dare.  Not so much afraid of doing the dare due to the potential negative reaction from him, but do to not sure if this is something that  should be done or not.  

    When anxious of anything, it is usually best to be still.  so do that.  Keep praying on what other disagreements you may have.  Maybe God will lead you to something else you should  do.  (Or maybe  God is leading you to do what has already come to mind.  I surely do not  know.)

  • I can see where he would want to protect his daughter.  But is that the ultimate way to show unity with you?  Not that he is wanting to show unity now.

    I have heard a financial advisor say what he is doing is probably the right thing to do.  but, I really don't want to get in the middle of this one.  LOL.

    I certainly see your point and it is very decent of you to acknowledge his point of  view as well.

    Prayers you find your answer on what  to do.

  • I couldn't think of anything else that is enough of a disagreement between us to even bring it up.  This has weighed heavy on me today.  I have a counseling appointment next week, and I will discuss it with her.  I feel like God is asking me to place my trust in Him, but it's such a huge issue for me, and I want to make sure I think it through properly.  I am so thankful for my counselor.  She is a Godly woman who God has used to speak truth into my life.  

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