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R2D9 Dare completed in a "sweet" way!

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Well, I decided that when I got home from work this evening, I would greet DH with a term that I haven't used in a couple of months - Sweetie.  He has seemed anything but sweet the past couple of months.  So when I got home, I said "Hi, Sweetie!  How was your day?"  We had bad weather here today and he works outside a lot, and he said "Long".  I asked if it had rained all day, and he replied that it had.  So, dare completed.  I was surprised at how difficult it was to say Sweetie when just several months ago, I addressed him with that name all the time.  

I attend a Bible study on Tuesday nights from mid-September to mid-May, and our first study for this school year was tonight.  In the past, my DH would clean the dishes after supper on nights that I had Bible study.  I usually have just enough time to get home from work and cook but I run short on time to clean before I have to leave for the study.  I wasn't sure if he would clean the dishes or not tonight, and when I got home from study, they were done.  I stuck my head into the den and just smiled and said a simple "thank you".  He just looked at me with a blank, almost mean look.  Whether he did it out of kindness or obligation, I am more appreciative than I can express right now for that simple gesture.  In the past I would have given him a hug and a kiss as a thank you, but he doesn't want those right now.  Nevertheless, I am grateful.
  • Good job on your dare. That is inspiring to me. He may be taken back that you had called him sweetie and then when you came back from study you told him thanks. He may be just in awe but I do not know. Just keep doing the dares as intended and just stay faithful. I enjoy reading the entries especially the good outcomes. Thanks


  • Dare complete.  Keep in mind when you go back to saying or doing things you use to, such as saying hi Sweetie, it can bring out a bit of venom in them.  Somehow the old ways of treating them nicely can bring out the bitterness a bit more.  So, this may just be my thinking, but be cautious of using that term with him non stop.  

    Be it out of kindness or obligation, his action of  cleaning showed unity.  Thank God for that.  

  • As far as not giving him a hug and kiss, if that was to limit doing more than a dare a day and to give him space, that was good of you to do.  

    Sometimes our flesh wants to test the waters to see where they stand by seeing what their reaction is when we show affection through a kiss or hug.  

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