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R2D9 Anxious about the "greeting" tomorrow

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As I read over tomorrow's dare tonight (I read them at bedtime for the next day),  I feel confused and anxious.  Every night as I head to bed, I tell my DH goodnight.  And every night, he just silently lifts his hand and kinda waves it at me, never even looking my way.  I have even tried saying it from another room, but he never acknowledges it.  I am not sure why he won't tell me goodnight.  Sometimes I want to ask him.  A friend of mine thinks he won't respond back because he feels guilty that I am headed to sleep in a different bedroom than where he is sleeping.  Who knows?! I think it must just feel "personal" to him.  I have wondered if I should keep saying it night after night.  Am I getting too far over in his "space"?  As he leaves for work every morning, I hold the door open for him to walk out, and I close and lock the door behind him.  He does tell me bye as he walks past without making eye contact, and I always respond with "bye,honey".  I always tell him hi when I get home from work, not anything really extraordinary, but it is met with no response.  I am not sure what to do any different for the dare tomorrow.  I really need God's help with this one.

  • I'm new here, and really curious. What does DH stand for?

  • Dear Husband :)

  • The lack of responding to your hi's and by's and goodnights is just his way of showing he is in control and a way for him to continue to justify his behavior.  It is also a way for him to show you and himself that he really hasn't softened or lowered his wall.  

    Keep greeting and saying goodnight, etc.  

    Be anxious over nothing.  Do not  fear, knowing fear is not of God. and know all things turn for good for those that  love God.  Be at peace in doing this dare.  I know, easier said than done.  but it is possible.  

    Welcome Tasies13

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