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R2D8 Love is not jealous, even of the dog!

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I was more than happy to dispose of the "negative" list today.  During Round 1, even though I didn't mind burning the list, I read it over a few extra times before I did.  I am glad that I can't even remember what was on it now.  I did not actually burn my list today.  I made a mess trying to do that before, and so I just tore the list up.  Without giving it any extra thought.  It was harder to think of a success to tell my DH I was glad about.  He recently had a prospective tenant let him know that he wanted to lease one of DH's rental properties.  It's not a done deal yet, but I told DH that I am happy for him.  With regards to jealousy, I have really had a hard time recently being jealous of the dog!  DH has transferred all his emotional energy to the dog, and it has driven me crazy that he would rather talk to the dog than me!  God helped me to realize a couple of days ago that DH's relationship with the dog may actually be an answer to prayer.  DH has been suffering from depression, and I have prayed that God would lift the fog of depression.  I realized that God has used the dog to help do just that, and has taught me an important lesson about jealousy and faith in the meantime.  Rather than being jealous of the dog, I can be thankful to God for helping my DH and I can be happy for the joy that the dog brings to DH.

Without going into a lot of detail, DH had a pretty significant medical event occur last night.  He had a significant amount of fresh blood in his urine, enough to turn the water in the toilet completely red.  This has never happened before.  I told him last night that he might should call his doctor and make an appointment.  It hasn't happened again since, and I am assuming that he did not make an appointment today with the doctor.  It has me so worried.  I am trying very hard to allow him to make decisions for him, and to not nag.  I did ask him when he got home from work if it had happened again, and he said no.  I think that if he had decided to see the doctor, he would have told me.  It was so scary for both of us.  He does have a checkup scheduled for 4 weeks from today, so perhaps he is thinking that he will talk to the doctor about it then.  He has had so many health issues the past 3 years.  I hate to think there may be something else.  On a positive note, I have seen a softening.  Things are far from normal and what I would call "good", but he is laughing and things aren't nearly as tense as they were just a couple of weeks ago.  I praise God for the improvement, and will continue to pray that DH's heart of stone through the power of the Spirit will be transformed into a heart of flesh, and that my own relationship with God will continue to grow closer in the process.
  • I kind of laughed, not at you, but at me.  You mentioned laughing.  I forgot all about laughing with her.  Thanks for the reminder of how things should be.

    Yikes, I have no idea about the medical issue, but I think asking him if he would like you to make an appointment or at least call the dr, in this case, would be okay to do more than a dare a day.  

    Thank God for the softening.  And I pray the worse before better does not occur.  If things continue to improve to reconcilliaton that is great.  But realize you are seeing softening much quicker than most of us, which is terrific, but

  • the disadvantage is you have not gained in endurance over time like some of us have, thus it may be easier for you to fall back to old ways.  I am not saying you will.  And you probably are thinking you will never go back to the old you.  but, it is easy to do without realizing it when things get real comfortable again.  So, make sure your prayer or reading time does not decrease.  

  • Thank you for the insight about gaining endurance.   I would like to think that I would not go back to the old me, but it took me 50 years to become the old me - it takes time to undo some of that stuff.  I will certainly stay in prayer and the word.  

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