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R2D7 Believing the best rather than Satan's lies!

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It was very easy to make a list of DH's positive attributes.  It was much harder to make the list of negative attributes.  And the list of positives WAY outnumbers the list of negatives.  It was that way during Round 1 also.  In fact, I was trying to remember what I even put on the list of negatives during Round 1, and I can only remember one thing.  One of the things on my long list of positives is that DH has a talent for yard work.  Yes, it's a talent!!  He makes the yard look like it has been manicured by a professional.  And he enjoys it.  I'm glad, because it's a chore to me!  He worked out in the yard today, and I complimented him on his knowledge and skill.  

I was really able to utilize the "love believes the best" mantra today.  My DH left the house for about two hours this afternoon to get some weed killer.  Even tho I have absolutely no reason to believe he is having an affair, I feel insecure at times, and this afternoon was one of those times.  Satan tries his hardest to make me believe lies.  I repeated to myself that love believes the best, and that I CHOOSE to believe the best!  That is so much better than getting worked up over absolutely nothing but my imagination.  God gave me great peace through choosing to believe the best.  
  • keep believing the best.  And know that if God wants you to know something you will.  Evil and your flesh will twist things to look the worse.  But 80% of what we worry about turns out to not happen, 15% is nothing compared to what we thought it was, and 5% we continue to forgive and love unconditionally.

    The thought sometimes pops up do our spouses sometimes take way longer to run an errand just to get on our nerves or to cause us to react.  Keep letting love believe the best.

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