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R2D6 Thank God for forgiveness

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For today's dare, I asked God to reveal to me areas in which I need to add margin to my life.  I asked this in round 1 too, but I really haven't been able to see areas in which I need to add margin.  But unfortunately, the list of selfish motivations is not difficult to come up with.  First is pride.  Pride has led me to respond unlovingly in my marriage in order to protect my ego.  Next is fear of embarrassment.  There have been things that I have been embarrassed of with regards to DH, and because of my own pride, I have behaved in an unloving manner.  Next is fear of failure.  Again stems from pride and the need to protect my own ego.  The need for attention and admiration of others has also been a selfish motivation.  I now desire that my DH receive the attention and admiration, and that God will receive glory rather than me.  Finally, lust and jealousy have been selfish motivations.  Is it any wonder that DH's heart has grown cold?  I cry tears of shame that I have behaved with such selfish motives at times in our marriage.  I praise God that "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus".  I have asked forgiveness from both God and DH.  I am grateful that God has given me an opportunity to learn and practice unconditional, unselfish love.

My daddy and his new wife got back from their honeymoon yesterday, and daddy sent me a text this morning asking if DH and I had dinner plans tonight.   I told him that DH was working today, but that I would text him and see. I sent DH a text message and told him that daddy asked if we wanted to get together for dinner tonight. I asked DH if he minded going to dinner with them tonight, and told him that whatever he chose was fine with me. His response was "either or whatever you say".  So, we ended up going to dinner with them.  DH seemed fairly like himself.  I am thankful.  He could have chosen to say no.  
  • Pride sure is the foundation of sin.  Good you see these things you mentioned.  And good you accepted Christ's forgiveness.  

    His either or whatever you say response is his way of saying yes.  He can't come out and say yes, that would be showing he brought his wall down further.

  • Jealousy is my number one selfish motivation.. I get jealous so easily

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