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Day 40 God is truly good.

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Today's dare regarding covenant makes me sad.  Especially as I watched my dad get married yesterday, it has made me sad that my DH feels that our vows are expendable and that I am disposable.  God in His word is always our example, and He always kept every single one of His covenant promises.  

DH seemed warmer to me today.  When I got home from church, he wanted to run down and take a look at one of his rental properties.  He asked if I wanted to go with him.  I was shocked!  I said yes, and so the dog and I hopped into his truck and rode with him.  It was a nice ride - not much talking going on, but I did silently thank God for the opportunity.
The grandkids have been talking about a movie lately that everyone has seen except for me.  I mentioned something to my DH earlier today that I really needed to see that movie so that I would know what the grandkids are talking about.  After dinner, 60 minutes was a rerun, and he asked if I wanted to watch that movie, that he actually had it saved.  I told him that I could watch it some other time since he had already seen it if he didn't want to watch it again, but he said that he didn't mind watching it again, and we sat in the den and watched tv together - first time in almost 2 months.  Overall, I have had a pleasant weekend so far.  I hope it's not the calm before the storm, but if so, God is with me in the storm.  I am grateful to God for bringing me this far, and for allowing me to make some great memories the past two days.  I have grown so much during this 40 day journey, and will start Round 2 tomorrow, looking forward to the treasures from God that still await me.
  • That's terrific he was warm yesterday, even after showing warmth the day before.  But what's better is that you know if he hits another storm, you have God with you.  

    It is amazing how so many of us grow so much during the 40 days.   Everyone says how they find new growth in the second round, and do the second round with a different perspective.  I am sure you will find the second round different as well.  I am sorry to say I think I am the only one that did multiple rounds but saw no difference between rounds.  Oh well.  I am glad you are going down this path to Christ much faster than I did/am.  

    thank God for the memories of this weekend.  And let Him know you enjoy Him all the more.

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