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Day 39 Love never fails

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Today, my 77 year-old daddy remarried.  My mom went to be with Jesus 5 years ago, and I am so happy that he has found companionship.  Overall, I have had a wonderful day in spite of my circumstances, and I am so thankful to God for the blessing of today.  Today was Day 39 for me - Love endures.  I left my DH a handwritten card this morning, telling him that as my daddy was committing himself in marriage today, I was pledging my unfailing love to him.  That no matter what had happened in the past, the mistakes we both made, or how things are currently, that I chose to love him now and forever.  He never acknowledged that he got the note, although I know he did.  He did go with me to the wedding, and acted the part.  My sister said that she thought he acted normal.  Of course, I knew that he wasn't touching me, like holding my hand or putting his arm around me, but other than that, he was himself.  I prayed that God could use the words spoken by the pastor at the ceremony to speak to DH's heart.  Then after the wedding and reception, we hurried off to my DH's youngest grandson's birthday party.  Again, my DH was very cordial.  I really appreciate the fact that he participated in my family's special day, and that he gave me an opportunity to participate with his family.  It's so hard for me to understand how he could do all that and want a divorce.  A very strange thing happened at the reception.  A dear family friend of my dad's came up and asked how DH and I were.  I said "good".  He said that he really wanted to know how we were.  I said again that we were really good.  He then made some comment about how he supported me and he grabbed my shoulders and physically moved away from DH to my side and said that he was on my side.  I have no idea what he was talking about.  It was like he knew that DH and I are having trouble, but there's no way he could know.  It made me wonder if my DH is having an affair and he saw DH out with another woman!  I have no idea what DH thought of the incident.  He never mentioned it, and neither did I.  It freaked me out, though.

Tomorrow is day 40 for me.  I really can't believe that I am still living in DH's house.  Praises to God that He has given me the blessing and privilege of remaining married and living in DH's home to this point.  I will start over again with Round 2 day after tomorrow.  
  • Think in terms of unity, that his house is yours as well.  

    Love believes the best.  Put that idea of him having an affair out of your mind.  What we worry about usually doesn't happen or not to the extent we think it does.  Maybe God opened the door to see how things were between you two.  Why?  Not sure.  

    In the past others on this site would have said to tell the truth.  To have others pray for you, etc.  I see that point of view, but I also, and this may be my pride not wanting others to know, but I also see protecting your spouse and not letting the public know.  

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