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Day 38 Dreams

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Dreams.  My DH has never been one to verbally share his dreams.  I do know that he would like to be able to retire at 65, and his dream vacation is to take a trip from San Francisco to San Diego along the Pacific Coast Highway.  I got a credit card several years ago and have been saving up points on it to use for airfare someday to California as a retirement surprise.  Other than those two things, I really can't think of anything else.  Has it been me not hearing/listening to him when he would share things???  Or is it that he just hasn't shared very much???  I am really praying about this, for God to open my eyes to opportunity to my DH's desires.  From what he said when he told me that he wants a divorce, he said that he wants someone that he is compatible with and that he can do stuff with, someone with whom he has common interests.  I really don't know what he's talking about.  He has always been a homebody and has never really shown interest in much of anything.  I am at a loss, so God is going to have to help me out here.

  • Those excuses they throw at us.  Compatabilty, someone to do things with, no common interests.  how clever they think they are coming up with these thoughts.  Pay no attention to what he said.  And know if/when he comes back all of those gaps he is holding onto will disappear.  

    And, assuming your ears were opened in the past to what his dreams or desires were, by doing the dares you have sharpened your listening skills.  

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