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Day 37 Prayer

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Prayer.  Nothing gives me more peace than spending time in prayer.  I didn't have to be at work until a little later this morning, and I spent 3 hours in the word and in prayer.  The Spirit led me to pray Psalm 119 this morning, among other things.  I prayed for my own walk with God, DH's walk with God, and the reconciliation of our marriage.  Psalm 119:67-68 says "Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now I keep Your word.  You are good and You do what is good."  Verse 71 says "It was good for me to be afflicted, so that I could learn Your statutes."   I am able to see that prior to my DH declaring that he wants a divorce, my walk with God was not as close as it needed to be.  I can see how God has used this to draw me back closer to Him.  I wasn't able to complete today's dare with my DH.  I prayed about it, but I didn't have peace about doing it.  DH and I have never prayed together.  At this point it would be totally weird to ask, and after sharing scripture yesterday, that may be enough for a while.

I don't read ahead on the dares, but today I have.  My Daddy is getting married day after tomorrow.  I have family coming in tomorrow, and then the wedding Saturday morning.  I know that things are going to get crazy, and I know that I won't have a chance Saturday morning to spend a lot of time reading or in prayer.  Saturday will be day 39 for me, the day I am supposed to leave DH a note declaring my unfailing love.  He is going to the wedding with me, so I think that I will leave the note for him to see prior to going that morning.  Also, because of family coming in, I will be sleeping in my husband's bed for the first time in 2 1/2 months.  I am afraid it will be awkward and painful.  Even though DH is going to the wedding, I believe that it is all for show.  I never felt like he would serve me with divorce papers prior to my daddy's wedding because he would not want to ruin the occasion for my family (only my sister knows what's going on).  I really expect to be served in the next week or two.  I know that I can't know what the future holds, only God does.  But, I am having a hard time shaking the dread.
  • Worry does not add a day to your life.  Worry does nothing but make evil smile.  You know the verses of the birds do not plant nor harvest, yet God takes care of them, even in the winter where food is unseen.  

    About not worrying  about tomorrow, etc.

    80% of what we fear does not happen, 15% we make it out to be worse than it is, and 5% we continue to forgive and love unconditionally.

  • Concerning doing the dare and praying together.  did you really not have peace in the thought of doing the dare, or were you nervous in considering attempting the dare.  From how I am thinking right now, there is a big difference in not having peace vs letting the flesh be nervous.  the dares that are hard to do are the ones we grow in the  most, open the door the most for Christ to work in, and allow God to place more conviction upon our spouses.  Next time, do the dare even when you feel nervous about attempting the dare.  

  • Have no expectations in if or  when he will serve papers.  

    When with him, be the best you, you can be.  This will allow Christ's light to shine brighter through you.  

  • Remember do not be anxious for tomorrow as tomorrow can be anxious for itself. I do not remember the verse word for word but I read it recently and I understand. I am in that position but remember he is always with us. The lord is amazing and he gives us what we need and remember his yoke is not more than we can burden. Keep strong in your readings and remember we are the olive branch and he will keep us strong. D-

  • Tim is right about worry, and the Bible addresses it as well.  God built our bodies to carry the burdens of one day at a time - and even then He asks us to give up our yokes and take His which is light and easy.  Lay your worries at His feet and only look at today - letting God direct your steps on this day.

    I pray for the burdens of your love to be removed and Jesus's love, peace and strength to fill you up!

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