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Day 35 Whoever listens to counsel is wise....

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Day 35 - seeking counsel.  I have been seeing a counselor on a weekly basis since DH told me he wants a divorce 2 1/2 months ago.  She is a Christian counselor and has helped me greatly along this journey.  I wish that DH was open to seeking Christian advice.  I don't necessarily want him to go to counseling with me.  I think it would be so helpful for him to be able to have someone in his life that could give him Christian counsel, even just a good friend.  As of right now, there is no one that I know of that could do that.  Maybe his brother.  I know he is a Christian, but I don't know of anyone else in DH's life.  According to my DH, he hasn't shared his decision with anyone else.  So, without sharing his desire for divorce, there is no opportunity for any counsel.  It is up to God to speak to his heart in whatever manner God chooses.  As for me, I had a counseling appointment today.  I am grateful for Godly people that He is able to use to speak truth from His word into my life.  

I am struggling today with the desire to snoop.  I fell on my knees a week ago and asked God to forgive me for snooping, for trying to take control of a situation in which I have absolutely no control, for trying to play God.  I choose to trust that God is in control, and that He will reveal to me anything that I need to know.  It's hard, though.
We celebrated my husband's youngest grandson's 9th birthday tonight.  My husband signed my name to the birthday card, for which I was grateful.  He was cordial at dinner and even shared food off of his plate with me.  Again, I am grateful.  I wish that I could see those things as being meaningful, but I know that I cannot and that I must not.  It makes me sad to think that tonight might have been the last of the grandkids birthdays that I celebrate with them.  Of course, I know that I don't really know what the future holds, only God does.  Thank goodness my future is in His hands.
  • snooping, it sure can tug at a person.  but continue not to let temptation take you from trusting God will fill you in on anything you need to know.  It's kind of like Adam and Eve, they knew not to snoop and find out what that apple had in store, but the temptation got to them.  And look where their snooping led to.  

    I'm sure you already know this too, but with him showing kindness at the party, don[t be surprised if he gets colder the next few days to show he hasn't let his wall down.  But do not expect this to happen.  

  • As far as his kind actions being meaningful, yes, you can't read into all of this.  But, enjoy those moments and even enjoy the memories of those moments.  but then let Christ know you enjoy Him so much more.  

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