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Day 33 I really do want his input

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The dares seem increasingly difficult the past few days.  This one really served to convict me.  Because of pride, I have not valued my DH's input like I should.  It has been disrespectful to him.  God provided me with an opportunity today to ask for my DH's help with understanding something I was reading.  After I shared the passage with him, he said "Well, first of all, I don't know why you're asking me.  You're the smart one."  He helped me think through it in my head, and as we kept talking, I accidentally cut him off.  I didn't mean to, but he took it to mean that I didn't want to hear anything else he had to say.  I asked for his forgiveness.  I told him that I had asked him to help me because I knew he could, and because I value what he has to say, that his input is important to me.  But I was nervous as I said all that, and I don't feel it came across very well.  I feel like God provided me with a wonderful opportunity to really communicate to DH how much I desire and appreciate his input, and I messed it up.

  • First off right now it may feel like you messed up.  i am sure you are blowing it out of proportion.  

    The feeling of conviction.....that's fantastic.....You not only are being molded, but you recognize in what areas you need to be molded.  And you are responding to the molding in the right way.  

    My guess was not that you really cut him off, but you had some input to share.  And that is called communicating.  Yes, right now it is best to let him do most of the talking when he chooses to.  But you are married, and to show untiy you can respond to what he says while communicating.  As time goes on and if/when he softens, he won't feel like you cut him off so much, and you won't feel like you did so much either.  but it is good right now you see how you could become selfish and choose to talk over him.

  • I am laughing right now.  I was always nervous and things never came out right.  Like I had severe stage fright talking to her.  You reminded me of that when you said you were nervous.  And what i was told but could not do was to Be the best you in Christ when talking to her.  So, I would suggest just doing the same, be the best you.   You may not initially overcome the nervousness or the feeling like you came across ackwardly, but it will come in time.  

    Let go of feeling like you messed things up.

    Dare completed.  You did it in person.  You did it when it felt hard to do.  and the bonus was he responded well.  Thank God for the completion of this dare.  

  • Well, I am glad that I am not the only one with stage fright!!!  I feel like a fool sometimes LOL!  I know how I wish things would come out, but I get so nervous now that things are so strained, and they just don't sound like I want them to.  

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