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Day 29 I'm living in awe

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Well, I completed 2/3 of today's dare.  I prayed for DH by name for a very long time this morning before I left for work.  Oh how good it is to be able to lift him and our marriage to our Heavenly Father in prayer.  I also was able to do something tangible that communicated my love for DH.  I cooked his favorite dinner.  He seemed bothered to me that I cooked his favorite meal, even though he did seem to enjoy eating.  He didn't say anything, it was just his demeanor that made me think he was bothered.

I wasn't able to say "I love you" today.  We haven't had much interaction, and I just didn't feel I had an opportunity where it wouldn't feel/seem strained and contrived on my part.  So, I will tell him that I love him tomorrow morning as he leaves for work.  As he is going out the door, he always says "Bye", and I always say "Bye, Honey".  Tomorrow I am going to add an "I love you" to that.  
God has been so faithful to me over the past 48 hours.  I found out Monday morning that DH contacted an attorney last week.  I have spent quite a few hours in prayer since then.  God woke me up at 4am yesterday morning, and placed the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet into my head.  I got up (no small feat that early in the morning) and read the story from John 13.  Verse 1 says that Jesus knew his hour had come.  He knew that Judas was about to betray him.  Yet verse 1 also says that Jesus loved them to the end.  He loved his betrayer to the end.  Even washed his feet!  That is my example.  And God told me in the wee hours of that morning that I am to love my DH to the end.  This afternoon, as I was driving down the interstate, such an indescribable joy entered my heart as I realized that even though my days may be numbered in our home, God has given me both the honor and privilege of loving my DH to the end, whenever and whatever that may be.  What a blessing!
  • I'm sure that the dinner did bother him in a way.  I am sure he enjoyed the food you cooked.  but you showing kindness in the midst of his behavior is bringing Christ's conviction upon him.  and it makes it harder for him to justify his actions.  

    I would really encourage you next time to finish the dare by finding a moment to say I love you.  When it is difficult to accomplish a dare do to not the best circumstances, that's the time doing the dare offers the most growth and stretches you to rely even more on Christ.   And by trying to finish the dare the next day on top of doing that days dare is doing more than a dare a day, and that will get in his space.

  • That was a pretty cool wake up at 4am.  If you share that testimony with others that aren't really looking to grow in their walk, do not be surprised some will shrug you off.  

    Remember what you said about "the end, whenever and whatever that may be.  It can very well be till death do you part.  Believe the best in this as well.  But the biggest thing is letting this all bring you closer to Christ, like you are choosing to let happen vs going the world's way.  

  • And if others ever shrug off you sharing any testimony, do not  be dismayed.  Your testimony may linger in the back of their mind until a time, even years later, when they need that  testimony do to a trial they face.  

  • Tim, thank you for allowing God to work through you to encourage others.   It is easy to forget that DH's behavior is the result of conviction by the Holy Spirit.  The more conviction and his lack of submission th the HS, the worse his behavior.  And I know that the HS is convicting him.  Early in the dare, like around day 3 or 4, I bought him a new pair of work pants.  He told me not to do anything like that anymore.  That he already knew how nice I am and that it made him feel guilty.  

  • Makes sense but I had never  thought of it that way, the way you put it.  The more our spouses lack in submission to the Holy Spirit, the worse their behavior.

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