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Day 27, I can do all things through Christ

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Well, I didn't complete today's dare as written.  This morning, I discovered on my DH's phone that he called an attorney while I was out of town last week, and that he took vacation days while I was off.  He called the attorney on Wednesday, and I imagine that he met with her on Thursday or Friday while he was off.  Of course, I am only speculating, and I am struggling to believe the best.  I decided that for today's dare, I would have a conversation with him about his faith.  The counselor that I am seeing asked me last week to consider having the conversation.  I was very hesitant, but today, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me, and had the courage to do it.  

Several weeks ago, my husband told me that he thought a divorce might serve as a wake up call to get his life together (whatever he thinks that would be).  I told him tonight that I thought God had been trying to give him a wakeup call, that he had been trying to get DH's attention for a long time.  A terrible car accident in 2014, a Stage 0 colon cancer diagnosis and surgery in 2015, a stroke in 2016, and another colon surgery this year.  And all of this started just 7 weeks after we got married.  I felt like after the stroke, God was trying to get DH's attention, but I never said anything because I didn't have the courage to.  I told him that God often uses things like that to get our attention.  I then told him that I often wondered since he told me that he didn't think he had long to live (depression talking) that if he died, and God met him at heavens gates and asked him why He should let him come in, what would he say.  After a long pause, he said that he had accepted Christ as his savior and that he asked for forgiveness for things but just kept doing them.  I told him that I was glad that he had assurance of his salvation.
I also told him that I knew he had a longing deep in his soul, a longing for love, and companionship, and peace, and freedom, and contentment, and joy, and even maybe a longing for self worth and forgiveness.  I told him that he was right about something - I could never meet those needs.  That if he married me thinking that I could, he was setting me up for failure and himself up for disappointment.  No human could fulfill those needs, but that God could.  And God wants to.  He loves DH more than I ever could.  DH is only mine for a little while, but he is God's for eternity.  It doesn't matter that he's 62 years old, or what he's done in the past, or what he is doing in the present.  It is never too late.  It is never too late to take his needs to God and let God fill the void.  
I ended by saying that I was praying for each one of us to hear God's truth.  That Satan had filled both our heads with a bunch of crap during our marriage, and that I am praying for us to hear truth, know truth, and believe the truth of God over the lies of Satan.  And that we would both seek to please not each other, but only God.  When I was finished, he simply said that I was probably right about all that.  
I will keep doing the dares.  I still believe that God can do a miracle and reconcile my marriage.  If my DH continues to believe the lies of Satan over the truth of God, I will continue to love him.  And God will continue to mold me as I remain obedient.
  • Along with doing a dare a day, no more, no less, do the dares as they are intended to be done.  Without changing or manipulating them to suit you.  You were led to the dares so trust Christ in doing the dares as they are to be done.  Anything other than that is you taking control vs keeping the control in God's most capable hands.  

    If the councilor said to do something, I am not saying you should not have done it, but do not change the dares.

    Also, do not snoop, such as on his phone.  If God wants you to know something, you will find out.  

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