Collaborate without boundaries
  • Irritating

    This irritates me to no end. I have been away for work for two days, I had to over night in a different town. I text my wife let her know where we are and how things are going. She gets upset because she sees money withdrawn from our account. She yells...
  • 3 things

    Well, I started over when I changed my SN because I really didn't work on them that hard. Plus I didn't get that far. So what are 3 things that make my wife upset at me finances, I spent money like crazy at times, other times I spent it without...
  • Fishing pole

    Well the kids and I had a full day. I took them and one of their friends to an Easter Egg Hunt at the church I started to attend. It was good fun for all of us. I took lots of pics of the kids and sent them to my wife. She of course stayed at home, like...
  • Finding More Kindness

    It took a while to get to Day 2. I had to think about what I could do as an act of kindness, because I already do a lot. I work from 8 to 4, I get the kids up, dressed and lunch packed, and carry them to school, on days I don't work. If I work I get...
  • New SN Day 1

    New SN so I started over on the dares. My wife is quick to anger with me when she talks to me. She was asking me about a bill she said, "Do you have CC" and that was it. So I replied, "the physical card" and she got mad. I told her...
  • Intro

    This is a new SN for me. I chose DR because like Saul I was thrown from a horse (steel horse). I was stopped in traffic and as I rolled onto the throttle my back tire slid on a crosswalk. It fishtailed and slammed me into the road. I had over 800lbs of...
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