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Well, I started over when I changed my SN because I really didn't work on them that hard. Plus I didn't get that far. So what are 3 things that make my wife upset at me finances, I spent money like crazy at times, other times I spent it without her knowing. I got really mad at times never anything physical to hurt her, but my words were enough. Then protecting her from my family. We all know how family likes to get in and tell you how to do things. I was a different person behind closed doors. She did say she has seen a change towards the kids which is good for me and them. Meaning that it hasn't changed her.

  • Dont doubt when you do the dares, one a day, no more, no less, and do them without manipulating them, she will notice your changes.  And she needs to continue to see you staying very consistent, so take the dares very seriously.  They aren't a step by step guide as the world would believe.  They are so much more.  The dares are to mold you in this journey to Christ.  

    did you actually ask her what the three things are?  Or did you just know.  Even if you are 100% right, always ask.  And ask in person, not by phone or text or email.  Unless those are the last resort.  I am not assuming you did not ask her.  

  • I asked her, but it was by text. That has been our means of communication when it comes to anything personal, since she asked me for a D. She did ask why I asked the question and then thank her in response. I just chuckled and said I didn't think saying "okay" was a good response to her answer. I noticed today that she took her wedding rings off. This is after I told her that I would be out of town for a day for work. Trying to not read anything into it, but it still cut me to the core.

  • Do your best to do these dares in person.  Don't concern yourself over the ring.  She can be doing it just to get a reaction from you or to justify her actions to herself.  

  • Remember Peter walking to Jesus on the water...Keep your eyes on Christ, not on what you see happening around you, as in she took off her rings.  Keep your eyes on Christ and let Him handle the peripheral.

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