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New SN Day 1

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New SN so I started over on the dares. My wife is quick to anger with me when she talks to me. She was asking me about a bill she said, "Do you have CC" and that was it. So I replied, "the physical card" and she got mad. I told her I paid it off and she just said, "Well I don't know". I had told her mid month that it was paid off. Sure I got it she might have forgotten, but unlikely because she has a rolladex for a memory. I smile and continued to go get the mail not saying anything negative.


Follow up:

There was a wasp in her room and immediately she calls for me. I see what's wrong and need to get some spray foam to block a gap in the door. I leave the house and glad I did because I couldn't keep my composure for much longer. I get what I need at the store and get back into the truck. Then I just start to vent about everything that has been happening. This takes about 30min. Then I realize that I am in the mitts of a spiritual attack. I rebuke the enemy and head to the book store to get the book "In This Present Darkness". I believe the Holy Spirit brought the title of the book to me. As I am in line paying for it my phone has been buzzing. I look and see I have like 4 missed calls and text from my wife. We have a fewquick words, she is mad as a wet hen, and I head home. Once I get home I put the book and foam in her room. I read to my youngest and say goodnight to my oldest. My wife and I sit and talk about the upcoming divorce. She tries to start blasting me, but through Christ am able to keep the conversation civil. We talk for once and not yell, even though it was about the divorce. There are still a few months before this gets executed. She ask me about the book, and I told her that this is what we are going through right now. From what I know she has never accepted Christ. She believes that the Bible has been twisted by man to control the masses during King James rule. She is very smart and feels that she doesn't need anyone. Especially not some unseen masculine deity. I pray she reads the book, because I can see the enemy attached to her. She complains about headaches, shoulder aches, and constant fatigue. As I have changed my life and made it known I serve Christ, the tensionin the house has gotten stronger, and her out burst of hate for me has grown. I see it as the enemy throwing everything he has at me now because he has lost me. Once we finished talking I clarified to her that I wasn't homosexual. Then went to clean the kitchen. As I was cleaning an old song from my teen choir days popped into my head, "Peace Speaker".

  • I would consider continuing with the dares where you were.  I would do as little as I could to change or manipulate anything.  

    It is amazing how our spouses perfect memory no longer exists at least with what we communicate with them.  

    Keep biting your tongue when the wet hen attacks.  She does not know what she is feeling is Christ's conviction.  Pray she not only feels the conviction, but also understands what it is and has wisdom to know what to do about it.

  • Pray the Father opens her heart so the Holy Spirit can draw her.  I've been reminded recently those who don't know Christ cannot know Him on their own.  The Father has to draw them, so begin to pray He opens her heart so the Spirit of God can draw her to Himself.

  • I know my wife was very good in remembering things but over the course of our separation it was like she was a different person, she couldn't remember things, she'd argue over things she said.  Luckily I had some things in  texts from her to show her.  But I haven't spoken to her since December and she only texted about the attorney at the beginning of the month.

    But DR, there is something more to it than seeing the things on your phone.  It could be a long time coming buildup or there could be another reason, another person influencing her decision.

    Be careful and stay Christ like, anything you do or say now will get twisted.

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