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Day 8

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Getting rid of the negative things about Xavier has helped me a lot. It's almost like burying the hatchet and starting fresh again. Getting rid of the things that eat away at me and bother me deep down helps see him and his positive attributes easier. It also makes me appreciate him more and more as the days go on. 

There is still pain inside because he wasn't home Tuesday night after work. He left work at 2 and came home to shower. He was gone way before I got home. The house was empty except for me and the cats. It made me realize just how lonely I am without him around during this time. He didn't come home Wednesday morning like I figured he would have done. I got up early just to see him and was very saddened when he didn't show up. 

I know he said he was staying at guy's house, but I knew deep down he was with her instead. 

That part pains me the most....the lying. 

I'm trying to stay positive and let God work within me to bring the better parts of me out and let the bad die out. 

He's been hugging me, so I guess that's a start? 

  • Let God fill the void of loneliness.  He will fill all your voids.  

    Enjoy the hugs but let God know you enjoy Him all the more, and do not have expectations of him giving hugs in the near future.  Have no expectations of him.

  • Terrible situation. It's possible this other woman will not last though because she is just filling a void right now. Stay true to God and wait for Him to work through this for you. I know for a fact it's painful.

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