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Day 5 - Past Issues

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Since we haven't been around each other much the past few days and he's addicted to video games...I'm having to take his answers from when I did this part on him previously. 

1.) He hates the "baby" voice I have when I'm tired or upset. 

2.) He gets annoyed when I don't clean up after myself. 

3.) He gets annoyed when I expect him to know how to do something or how to clean something and he was hurt when I got upset if it didn't get done or wasn't to my liking and felt like his efforts weren't appreciated. 

--for the 3rd one, I have offered time and time again to show him how to do something the correct way instead of the lazy way so the house would be clean whether it be the dishes in the dishwasher or the toilet and shower/bath. He never took the time to watch me when I did something or showed him how to do it. He didn't commit it to memory and do it consistently to make it stick in his mind which would in turn make me upset.--

  • I understand that third one. I'm the same way. I would get so annoyed when my wife wouldn't just rinse her dishes off. It caused e an extra 30 seconds of work?!?! I would go back in time and rinse every dish she ever touched if it would fix everything. Sometimes we just have to accept things like this because they have no real importance in the relationship. Ideally, someday, he would recognize that it's important to you and change as you should recognize things that bothers him so you can change. It's a key element to communication. Gentle, understanding communication.

  • Do the dares as intended, without changing them to make them easier.  I bet there was a time he stopped the games to get up to use the bathroom or get a bite or a drink. Consider if you let fear stop you from doing this dare.

    Let go of seeking ways of changing him.  Such as his lazy way.  Would you rather have in your life being lazy, or teach him to clean better and not seeing him again.  The things that bother us we can overlook.  Just as we want them to overlook the things that we do to irritate them.

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