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Day 2

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Yesterday started off easy...I made him breakfast and set out his clothes. I began cleaning the apartment. I had gotten woken up at the early hours of morning around 3 or 330. I went in to his room, and I'm always woken up by something spiritual when something just isn't right. I had a feeling that he has been doing stuff behind my back and I don't know what's going on in his head. Turns out, he is. I'm continuing with the dare and I know I shouldn't have stopped it and taken control from God. We were being intimate, but I stopped after we got back together for 2 weeks. He's been so consumed with video games that he hasn't made time for me or helped me when I hit a severe low and was depressed and had lack of self worth and struggled with body image which in turn made me not care about anything and didn't clean. If he still cares and is doing things to hurt me and pull away from what am I supposed to do? 

Today, I'm supposed to buy something that says Hey, I was thinking of you today....the one thing he loves is sushi and video game stuff. Or clothes. I was just going to go with sushi since I'm now fasting. 

My sister is telling me not to continue with the love dare, but I can't help but want to and see if his heart is changed and continue to pray for him and for his heart to feel what mine feels. I still pray protection over him and that no outside influences will get in his way of his true emotions. 

I don't believe that he was lying to me when he said yes to getting back together, but I hope God can move within this situation and bring him back to me. 

The Holy Spirit will tell you that if the grass looks greener on the other side, you need to put more water in your own garden. 

  • it sounds like you were snooping to find out what he's up to.  If so, stop snooping  immediately.  if God wants you to know something you will find out without snooping.

    You mention he isn't taking  time for you or helping you like  he should.  That isn't fair.  but, right now, look to God to fill all your voids, because looking  to him to help you will leave you disappointed right now.

  • Your sister just doesn't want to see you put effort in and still feel hurt. She has good intentions, but she is not seeing how this is a journey between you and Christ,  not you and him.

    But keep that in mind that it's a journey between you and Christ and for now do not give thought to his heart changing.  Look for  you to  change, because that is truly what this is about, you to be molded, not him.  

  • Looking at my wife's phone is what pushed her over the edge last year. I did some snooping after that and found she was talking to a doctor she works with. She finally admitted it in a marriage therapy session (which she quit after 4 or 5 sessions) and I honestly believe it's still going on but I stopped worrying about it months ago. You can keep snooping but all it will bring is heartache and there's nothing you can do about it. He is going to do what he wants to do. You don't have to point out to him that it is wrong because he knows that. My wife knows that too. What are you supposed to do? Continue to love him unconditionally. Imagine all the things that were done to Christ and He still loved everyone, including those who crucified Him.

    The Love Dare teaches you how to be a better person. Why would you want to quit that? It brings you closer to God. It's not for your husband. It's for you.

    To some that grass does look greener on the other side. I've kind of done my own research on that and talked to a lot of divorced people. Every single one of them told me they wished they had tried to work on the marriage. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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