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Day 2: Act of Kindness Cont'd

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     Hey guys. So after picking up my wife from work, she told me that her employer just laid off 50 employees. She immediately got on the phone and just started talking to coworkers who either lost their jobs or others who were just shocked by the ordeal. I felt this was a little forced because you had the opportunity to do this all day, but you do it now when I'm in the car with you? I understood though; her walls are very well fortified around herself, because she doesn't trust me. She was certainly concerned about her employment though, so I suggested we give some money to a close coworker of hers just to support in some way. After we got home, I heated up the food I made yesterday for her while she was in the shower. I hung our wedding photos up as well as a surprise, but after speaking with a brother on the blog,  I'm debating whether to take it down. I don't want her to feel like I'm forcing it or putting on a show. Idk. Should they stay or go? Just to be safe, because I'm thinking about my heart motive, I'll take them down, because I don't want her to feel overwhelmed or pressured.

     At the end of the night I just left her a note of encouragement that she was strong, confident and passionate,  that God had her, and that she'd be okay. God, please continue to work in both of us.


  • Certainly pray on what ever you hear on this site.  

    She will do things like jump right on the phone like CV that to show you she isn't letting her wall down.  She wants you to feel division not unity.  As you show unity in doing the dares things may get worse because she will BV show more division for a time.

    So continue to have no expectations from her as you do the dares being consistent as you can.

    Let Christ handle the hurt and frustration of her doing things like jumping on the phone.

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