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  • get over a struggle, there's a new one

    Wife took a daughter out last night. I went to bed and they still were not home. I woke up at 2am to the dog barking. I saw that the daughter was home, but wife was not. She dropped the daughter off pretty late and then went back out. I have to remember...
  • the apostles and us

    Have you ever wondered, how on earth did the apostles choose to follow Jesus? I can only imagine fishing with my brother and dad, and a stranger says a few words to me, and I am suppose to drop my net, abandon the boat, and ditch my dad, let go of my...
  • community prayer

    For anyone new here. Some of us have been setting our phones or alarms for 9pm eastern time zone to say a prayer at the same time as each other. The intentions for our marriages, our peace in Christ, and our trust in His divine providence for all of us...
  • away for much of the weekend

    I'll be taking a trip with her, about a 3 hour trip with her. Other than a trip we had to take together a few years ago, 8 hours?, we really haven't been in the same car for more than an hour total I bet in the last 5 years or more. A few months...
  • water heater

    Do not take this as me having expectations of her. Or that I am assuming things are better. Or that I am taking comfort in her. But, something happened. And a thought that immediately hit me, along with thanking God, was sharing this with this community...
  • Longing

    Remember your fist crush? how you just longed for this person. To give her a kiss. To hold his hand. To just spend time with this person? We couldn't wait to be back on cloud nine just being in their company. The days were so long until we got to...
  • the good of suffering

    The flesh does not want to suffer. Evil says don't suffer, go ahead and get all the good and fun you can, if it feels good do it. The world teaches us from early on to indulge, don't wait, grab more than your fair share. And it gets hard not to...
  • stopped in a church

    It's funny. We can say something over and over again and know it. And we can be told the same thing over and over and know it. But sometimes we have to live through it, or at least me the ever slow learner. to understand it. For example. I have known...
  • comfort and desire for control

    I took a son out on an errand yesterday. I mentioned, which I shouldn't have, something about his mom, kind of saying she isn't acting like a mother or wife should. He said something like don't you get suspicious? With her being out so late...
  • what's been coming to mind

    I have already forgiven her for anything she has done. but it has hit me the last few days. As the angels probably dance in joy when we seek Christ's forgiveness, I need to show joy in Christ if she ever opens up to anything she has been doing or...
  • out of town for a few days

    I'll be out of town for a few days, and most likely will not have any time to check this site or even have a computer available. So, any of you that see, especially a new person hasn't been responded to, please do so. Especially when someone is...
  • continue your testimony

    In the beginning of this I gave us a .03% to a max of 3% chance of staying married. It's now over 5 years since she considered us divorced in her mind. For those struggling, there is hope. And look at Linda GDP, if I get her full name right, journal...
  • kitten=smile

    i told her how the cat was trying to rub up on and be friendly with the dog. She listened, not with a lot of enthusiasm, but she didn't turn her back. I had forgotten about talking to her back, and much of the time as she was walking out of the room...
  • forgiving

    Here goes. Not sure what I am going to type till the words hit the screen. maybe just a way to sort some of my own thoughts. I got a request on LinkedIn from her girlfriend. the one that gave her a couple d lawyers' names. And I am sure got her to...
  • nearly 5 years

    It's now nearly 5 years since in her head she considered us divorced. And 4.5 years since she told me she wanted a legal separation/d. Man, those first months/year(s) were just brutal. You guys and gals know what that feels like. But what a journey...
  • pray for protection

    During prayer this morning, maybe my prayers for the last day or so have been answered. I have for a few days been struggling with is she cheating, is it more than an emotional affair or friendship, not that that is ok. And it hit, things have seemingly...
  • joyful moment

    As I mentioned, she is I think coming home most nights earlier than ever before. and she is responding to questions or statements I make now and then. I still give her space, but may mention something about what happened at work or something i heard on...
  • testiment

    All of you, new people and some of you who have been around for a while. I thank each of you for journalling when you feel called to do so or feel like you need to. Because so many times, I feel stalled or thinking selfishly, man, this is getting old...
  • follow up

    Thanks for the prayers everyone. I asked her if she wanted me to bring anything up to the room since she was admitted for over night observation. She actually responded. I have had a memory that has popped up several times today. In this trial, we have...
  • A prayer please

    She called the doctor. He said go straight to the emergency room. I'm 2 hours out of town for work. She called to let me know. Probably only so I could arrange the insurance. I offered to drive straight back to the hospital. But she said no. If I...
  • she said i need to talk to you

    Whenever she says we need to talk, the fear factor hits the flesh, but for a moment, then I just ask the Holy Spirit to be with us as we have the talk. We had a bunch of the talks in the first year, that those words, we need to talk, can raise the hair...
  • prayer for Candie

    Hi everyone. Candie would asked for the community to keep her in prayer. She has been in a lot of pain in the past days and has been taken to the hospital. Please keep her in prayer also at the 9pm community prayer time as well. thank you.
  • forgiveness, bible, peace

    I went out alone last night for a meal. The kids all had plans and it isn't easy to go out with friends and have them questioning what's up with her or us. Before I ate, i stopped at an adoration chapel. Sometimes unscheduled prayer time does...
  • God's perfect timing

    I have heard many times on this site about God's perfect timing. So, as most of what I say, I just repeat what I have heard others say. Kind of like a parrot. And I have now and then had a flash of a thought what is God waiting on with me and our...
  • community prayer on Wednesdays

    Just a reminder if you can, please say a prayer at 9pm eastern time if you are able. Thanks. hey, my shortest entry ever! And probably the least amount of typos too.
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