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a genuine smile

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She was heading out for the night.  (came home at 3:45am)  Before she left I went to give her a kiss.  she pulled back a little saying she just glossed or something like that, something to do with lipstick I guess.  So, I  acted a little silly and gave her a kiss on each cheek. Then hugged her, looked into her eyes and said I love you, I miss you, I need you.  She responded with a really genuine smile.  I can't ever remember her smiling at me like that in any of our years of marriage.

If I would have ever said anything like that especially in the beginning I would have gotten slapped or venom spewed at me.  

When things seem like it gets a tiny bit better or a few baby steps take place, it is easy to want to assume things are better, but know it is in all probability going to take longer than what you think.  And even if you don't think you're pulling their car up to yours, you probably are coming closer than you think in doing so.

I know, a smile isn't that big of a deal. But so often all we hear is the venom or hurt on this site, so thought it may be good to show some good that happens, even if it's the tiniest thing like a nice smile.  

  • Praise God! God is on the move.

  • Awsome to see God's hands at work. He is faithful! Hallelujah!

  • Time is the key. God does amazing things and His timing is perfect.

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