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she called me

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About a week ago, I asked her if she would please go to a graduation party with me.  she didn't say much at all.  Kind of let it go in one ear and out the other.  Better than her being negative.  Today she called me while I was at work. She asked if the graduation party was tonight.  I told her Sunday.  Then I told her how the party is at an aunts house and she really wants me, oops, i slipped up, and said she wants us there.  She asked why.  I told her not sure,  but my aunt likes me.   I could not say she likes us because my wife does not typically go to family functions. 

so, when I said Sunday, she seemed a little relieved.  Probably because she has plans tonight.  But, she must be thinking of going.  I rarely ask her for a favor. We should have no expectations of them being negative, but it was quiet a surprise to see her make a call to see when the graduation party was.  

If she does not go, I will be absolutely fine and do my best to make her look good.  If she goes, it may be nerve wracking.  We have not spent time together in years.  But, i will be the best me I can be.  

It's crazy how a person can keep a wall up so long even though they can't possibly believe the changes are fake after 5 plus years.  But then again maybe she does still think that.  I guess it's a good reminder how much my wall is and has been up to Christ.   

Just the other day she said how i go overboard being so fakey when I talk to people.  Which is not how I have ever talked.   What our spouses say and think...And half the time they have no clue what they say or do.

I told her I was going to throw her a party for her 50th like she did me.  She was so serious and said NO.  I reminded her she had one for me.  (only so she would look good by throwing a party for me.  It was not out of kindness)  She said no, your mother did.  I laughed and said, no, you did, you made me call all my siblings and also your siblings and our parents and invite them myself.  (I wondered, how is this suppose to make you look good when I do all the arranging and inviting, etc)  I  did not want the party at all, but let her win.  

Anyway, it was a nice gift from God to have her call to check on when the grad party was. Thank God.  He is the only reason working through the nuns from 40 years ago, and the people on this site, that have kept us under the same roof.

  • I went to sit in church this evening. Had the huge church all to myself.  It was a fantastic hour of praying for my family, everyone and there families in this community, thanking and praising God which is something I did not do before this trial, and prayed for reconcilliation the best I could more for His glory than my peace.  

    I also prayed that, if God chose to, and I was ready and had enough of His strength to reveal if she is still with or has been physically with someone.  I also prayed upon if I should get her a ring or a trip or not.   I stayed still and gave Him time but nothing revealed to me.

    Man, did it feel good spending some quit time praying and reading a chapter. Especially in His house.

    All I can say is He gave..and I will give also, the best I can, through only His strength.

  • Isn't it great just to spend time with him? I love every minute of it. Small steps she may be letting some walls down, Praise Him for His faithfulness.

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