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How foolish the flesh can be.  Years here and being in peace so often when the world would say cave in and give up and abandon her and God because there's nothing to be happy about.  And  knowing the peace is only from God.  Through prayer and reading.

And yet, for a couple days feeling depressed. and  not going to His word or  prayer to solve it.  Ugh.  Didn't see that coming. How I fall back to  the flesh so easily.  Thanks  for  all of your guys' feedback.  Brought me to Joshua 9:1 maybe.  Haven't I commanded you.  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  That along with prayer brought me back to  peace.  Thank God.

I got home.  she was getting ready to  leave for the night.  I remembered something I heard in  silly old black and white  show I  think.  Shake it till she can't take it.  So, when I saw her.  I said something like I should I shake it till you can't take it.  She didn't respond much but gave indication I can come up with some stupidity when I want  to.

Then, seeing her in the bedroom when I came up to  change.  As I was walking out and  she was still in the  bedroom, I turned and said in a sincere tone, I miss you. She  was looking at me, and had an embarrassed, sincere, caught off guard but enjoyed the comment look on her face.  :So I walked back to  her  and  she  gave me a  kiss back. 

This would  have sent me to cloud 9  in the beginning just to see a nice look back from her. But I did enjoy the kindness she  showed and let God know I appreciate Him so much more.  And realized that the  look she offered me was nice, but not the moment that is making my day.  Because that belongs to God.

Went to adoration at church last night.  And  enjoyed the time adoring Christ.  

I don't know anything about depression.  And  do realize it  can be used by evil as a  tool to  distract and lead us from God.  But I do think  some people  may have a chemical imbalance or a brain with a different design than the rest of us that  may lead to the feelings of depression.  

  • The world wants you to cave. The flesh is mighty powerful. My coworkers were joking this morning because when one of them got divorced his dad painted "Just got divorced" on his car window and he said people were honking at him and giving him thumbs up. This is what "the world' has come to. It's pathetic. What we, on this site, are doing is in the minority but it is exactly what God expects of us. He told us many people will take the broad road but the narrow road we are on is the only one that leads to Him.

    In your current relationship there may not be anything to be happy about but it's part of the process. Jesus ministered for three years (happy), then He was crucified (not happy), then He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven  (happy). While he ministered He told us it would not be easy. It's a hard path to follow. This life is a vapor. A vapor. Happiness is found in Him and that will last forever.

    That kiss is something to be thankful about. God still has a hold on her and in time she will see that. In His perfect time.

    Depression- I know it all too well. One day I will be just fine and the next I'm sitting with a pistol in my mouth. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop it. Medication gives me the serotonin my brain needs but I promise you it is not near as effective as the Word of God. Satan uses depression better than anything. It's a powerful tool for him. He tells you how to end it but not in any positive way. I have explained it before as a thick black cloud around me. I can't see past it. I can't see what is going on in the world around me. At it's worst, I can't see what it's doing to those around me. And it feels thick. Much like I imagine the ninth plague on the Egyptians was like. A darkness that could be felt.

  • Praise God for a kiss and a nice look. Yesterday I got a simple picture message that said good morning and have a good day. I made it my business to thank God for that because it made me feel like he was thinking about me.

  • I understand the fight. We all go through that, Tessy is right, Tell God how much you appreciate those looks and words and kiss. All good things come from God. The last time I saw MH she smiled, and said hi, that was so grand. and I am thankful for the advice of you all, because  I did thank and praise God for his faithfulness and grace in providing me with that glimpse of her face.

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