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Thanks for the prayers everyone.

I asked her if she wanted me to bring anything up to the room since she was admitted for over night observation.  She actually responded.  

I have had a memory that has popped up several times today.  In this trial, we have both been to the hospital several times, all odd ball stuff, things that areent typical.  She was actually just admitted once before, in the beginning of the trial.  For 5 days.  I did spend the night there every night.  One night she sent me for an ice cream treat.  What should have been an easy trip turned into an absolute test of patience.  They couldn't ring up the simple order right, they took litterally 20 minutes to make a menu frozen menu treat.  It was llke trying to get into a war zone, just to park and find a door to go into the hospital.  then once in the hospital, I ran into someone i knew admitting her mom in for a stroke, then another family there for their son, and you just can't say, stroke you say, so sad and good luck, so it took some time just in the doorway to get through.  By the time I got to the room, the frozen treat was a room temperature glob.  

But, as I walked in the room, she's on the phone saying Tim just walked in, I better go.  I asked her, was that him?  She answered yes.  Somehow, I was really calm, and it did not bother me.  I just sat and stayed in the room like all was normal.  

So, I am thinking, is this going to happen again, bringing her things in the room this time.  And yep, she's on her phone as I walk in.  I put her things down, and I think, not sure, that I hear a girls voice.  And then wife says, I will be sure to tell her, bye.  And she's laughing as she says this.  So, I think somethings' funny and ask her who was that. She acts like she didn't hear me.  I was only asking, wanting to share in whatever was funny.  

She repeatedly said thank you for the few minutes I could stay, in a calm and a fairlyl appreciatitve way. .  She insisted I head out of town again tomorrow for work.  She will have speach and occupagtional therapists come see her.  Today she had scans, xrays, and other tests done.  She said all they mentioned was possible seizure.  So, who knows.  

She said the only thing she is afraid of is that they wont find out the problem.

As I left, I grabbed her hand, we have not really touched at all so it was unusual, she didn't pull her hand back.  I didn't ask if I could pray.  I just did, very short.  but she didn't object or say thank you for that.  I then left to pick up one of the kids.

I asked her again if I should stay in town or come up tomorrow, but no response.

Thanks again for the prayers throughout the trial and also for her.  What comes to mind, is for sickness or health.  Of course, her health changes nothing.

  • I am very excited for you Tim. His is a step in a good direction for her. I pray that Got help your marriage and makes it as fruitful as something growing in the Garden of Eden.

  • God goes before us arranging things and opening doors.  Continuing to cover you and her in prayer.

  • Praying!

  • Glad to hear she is doing better.  I pray that this continues and your marriage restored.  

  • I didn't see this post since I responded to the first but my prayers remain the same.

  • Thanks everyone.  I tried contacting her this morning.  She called back.  Gave me updates.  Nothing really, all the tests that came back so far are good.  They are keeping her overnight again though.  We talked a  bit about the kids and what's going on with them as well as her.  Near the end I asked where she parked her car.  She said in the emergency room area.  I asked if they would tow the car after awhile.  She just said I was getting her irritated and then said by.  I went to see her for about 10 minutes tonight.  I was running kids back and forth.  I had one with me.  She was all smiles for him and told him she loved him.  Then pretty much ignored me the best she could.  That's ok.  It says a lot about her, not me and my walk with Christ.  

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