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A prayer please

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She called the doctor.  He said go straight to the emergency room.  I'm 2 hours out of town for work.  She called to let me know.  Probably only so I could arrange the insurance.  I offered to drive straight back to the hospital.  But she said no.  If I drove back she would have been angered.  She most likely will just have tests ran.  But I ask for prayers from a group of ferverent prayers, all of you.

She before the trial would have me do all the work in calling for insurance, taking care of her car, etc.  She is just now letting me handle this stuff evidentially.  As many of you have noticed, they do their best to prove they don't need us for anything.  




  • Going into prayer immediately

  • You are covered in my prayers right now - as is she.

  • Sending prayers.  

  • prayers go to you..

  • Praying for you and her.

  • I prayed at 9 PM last night.  I am sad that I missed this post and I could pray about it specifically.

    When my wife went to the ER when she fell on her face, I was never called or told until several weeks later.  The sad thing is if she had been unconscious or needed a decision made, it's mine to make.  I'm still her husband legally.  So I can understand how you feel.

    But I will pray that this brings her closer to God and restoration of the marriage and that he heals her body.

  • I prayed too at 9pm for the community.  Snaz, it is just odd how they can be cold even when hospitalized.  But it is there way of showing off how strong they are.  Too bad it is strength in the flesh where we are becoming stronger and stronger, not in the flesh, but where it counts, in Christ.  We need to feel sorry for them, pray for them, and trust Christ in His plans for us.

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