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prayer for Candie

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Hi everyone.  Candie would asked for the community to keep her in prayer.  She has been in a lot of pain in the past days and has been taken to the hospital.  Please keep her in prayer also at the 9pm community prayer time as well.  thank you.

  • ((((Candie))))

  • Oh Candie, you are going through so much. Too much stress on you.  Praying for you, Girl. Love ya.

  • Prayers for strength and comfort!  

  • Thank you so much.  I am back home from the hospital.  Your prayers really worked.  The tests that showed inflammation of a major organ and I have been dealing with severe pain for over a week, miraculously reversed when I had labs and CT scan in the hospital.  I am still on bed rest for a few mor days and have to follow up with other things they found, but I am so encouraged by the power of prayer!

  • Glad things have improved Candie. Hope you continue to feel better


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