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community prayer on Wednesdays

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Just a reminder if you can, please say a prayer at 9pm eastern time if you are able.  Thanks.

hey, my shortest entry ever!  And probably the least amount of typos too.

  • I'll probably still be at First Wednesday but I'll set an Alarm on my phone.

    I plan to pray for God's will be done in all our lives.  It seems to be my focus lately.

  • Alarm is already set. Will be praying for all of us and our husbands and wives.

  • Hey tim this is mdarby, my profile name has changed to MichelleD and I will set my alarm to say a prayer next wednsday!

  • Ready, set, pray!!

  • I'm in.  Be still, and PRAY!

  • Soujnds good all f you.  TAmi, I think you were the one that always remembered last time we tried this.  

  • Well Next time I am setting a timer. I was about 10 minutes after. But God knows my heart and prayers.

  • Mine went off but was at First Wednesday.  Amazing service, God definitely moved there today.  I was on my knees at 9:04 and prayed fro several minutes.

  • Ohhhh.  I am just seeing this now.   I will set my alarm for Wednesday nights 9pm. Yesssss.

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